Favorite Comments

A  few favorite comments from all around the world:

Shannah Tovah Sharon and Todah Rabbah for all your wonderful pictures during the year.You help to bring our holy city of Jerusalem closer to us all the time,especially before the hagim.
Best wishes Toronto Canada

… link to your website, which I immediately opened up, as I am a lover of photography. I then had the pleasure of being taken by you on my own, personal tour of my beloved Yerushalayim– from Jerusalem’s fall colors, to Chanukah, to street art, festivals and assemblies. Your colorful and moving shots of the Ethiopians’ Sigd holiday are fascinating and educational. I was then treated to more street art and signs, memories of the municipal elections campaign and so much more. I still haven’t seen them all – I  got as far as June 2013, while sitting mesmerized for 45 minutes. I am completely taken by your photography, Sharon. You capture Yerushalayim in all its colorful beauty, glory and singularity. I look forward to my next sitting when I can view the rest.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift.

thank you for your real jerusalem streets – it keeps me connected.

Love your postings.  With family in Yerushalayim, it gives me a piece of home.

Only good health…

Normalcy is never in bad taste! May we be able to continue to sigh about Sufganiot for many, many years. Lord knows it is a luxury that no one should take lightly. Sharon, you do such a Kiddush Hashem with this blog. May you continue to find the stength to share the real Israel with us for many years. Looking forward to saying hi when we are in Jerusalem. Love, Reva

In addition to everything you said so beautifully, seeing throngs of our children walking to the kotel on Yom Yerushalayim is so inspiring. You lifted my spirits here in the states. You make my heart happy. I was born in a DP camp outside of Berlin. To watch our beautiful youth “coming home” is a kind of closure. Chag Sameach.

What a beautiful blog! What a wonderful thing you are doing! I am an American with Jewish ancestry who never got to visit the country I love and consider my true home, though my sandals have never touch it’s blessed soil. I am enjoying walking through it’s streets virtually by your blog! Shalom!

Let me add my name to those who admire you for your efforts. Whoever you are I enjoy  your pictures as well as yourunderstated and realistic comments. You are  patriotic without being emotional; proud of your country without being smarmy,Keep up the good work.       DR     Richmond, BC

This blog makes me happy every time I view it.   With so much awful news in the world – this is refreshment for the soul.  Our beautiful Yerushalayim inhabited by our beautiful people.  You have a wonderful eye for the the perfect photo.        Hashem should bless you.
I want to thank you for the photos – it was our son’s tekes as well only we didn’t see that well, but by pure luck in your photos we saw a picture of him shaking hands with this commanding officer. I am so grateful and proud.”
Hi. I love when I see “Sharon A” in my inbox.  It means there are more great pictures and comments that make me just feel good, and makes me happy to be an Israeli.  Thanks so much and keep up the good work
Hi there…My friend has sent me your posts on several ocassions. I’ve really enjoyed them and now I’m very happy that I’ll be able to receive them whenever you send them out. I have many friends that I know will appreciate them, as well.

Thanks for doing this…Hannah (Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada)

You do outstanding work.  I keep on sending your link on to friends and family overseas and hopefully that will spread the word.  I wrote to Aljazeera challenging them to feature a few positive views about the good side of Israel.  Have you seen anything? – ha!!

Best regards and Michiut Kapyim to you.
 all the photos and posts are most welcoming especially on a Monday morning and enjoy them everyday – could not go without  – thks for the great work and lovely pictures – it is always good to have a good sense of humour

I read all your posts – for those who don’t get to to up to Jerusalem much, you bring Jerusalem to us at home. Thank you.

Beautifully presented as usual dear achoti!  we here in the west who may never live to see beloved jerusalem are very grateful.
Shalom aleikhem!Great photos! Like the photo with the phone with the fire in very much.Thanks for this update about what happen in Jerusalem.Best reagards from Norway.

 Thoroughly enjoy this blog. Your street views fill my amagination once again. Thanks to you my pain due to distance and time is more tolerable. I was there in 6/08. It was to be a trip of a life time. In stead a passion started with clear intent to get back there asap. My prayers and concerns are with your countries welfare. Most of America is for you minus our leadership. Stay your course Israel. You continue to stand strong where other countries cower. Shalom Israel.

Mazel Tov on #100-I must tell you that I look forward to your email every week and do so enjoy them..If I am not there, at least I am getting to see some of what is going on.  You are doing a wonderful job of capturing  so many  different  and interesting parts of Yerushalayim .  Keep up your great work

this keeps me going everyday as it is always so very good and am so glad that i can get this everyday – thank you very much   annie

Hi. Please do me a favor.  We have a niece and nephew with 5 little kids from  NJ, coming on Aliya this summer and I think your web site will help them “nafshit” to get through the initial trepidations.  If you could, please add them to your mailing list

Please add my cousin in toronto to your web site.   He only sends me gloomy/doomy e-mails about what CNN is saying or equally depressing.  He needs RealJerusalemstreets.

May Yahweh continue to bless you and bestow His awesome favor on you dear achoti. Such joy you bring to us who may never see these streets, to breath the air, hear the sounds, enjoy the sights of Yah’s beloved peoples………

your faithful follower,
lula,  alabama, usa.

As usual, your choice of photos are marvelous, and make me so happy to be here and to part of the scene.  Phylls K
On Purim Favorites: In addition to your keen camera eye, your comment about Arab strollers not being afraid of drunk Jews tell the whole story!Please know, that for us in Chutz L’Aretz, this photo essay is like a trip without getting on a plane.  Thank you!

7 thoughts on “Favorite Comments

  1. I’m an old man in Phoenix, AZ, USA. I’ve never been fortunate enough to visit Israel but one day I found you web site and now I look at the pictures almost every day. Your pictures are great! Please keep them coming. I sincerely hope that you and ever other person in Israel is blessed with a long and safe life.

  2. Your website is a delight, it breathes life. I stayed in Jerusalem for five days at the end of June (near the Jaffa gate), then spent three more days in the north. It was a thrill, a trip I will never forget. I came with a son who just graduated from college, who will be in Israel for a few more weeks.
    Your pictures bring back many recent memories, and refresh my excitement in this land that is both your home, and also so important to the whole world. May you be blessed in every way, and may you continue to be a source of life and hope. Shalom to you, and to all Israel! Harry Skeele

  3. I’m a 25 year old girl from Mexico. Israel is my dream. I’ve never been there, but I know I’m a little bit closer everyday. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful images, you give me joy and hope everyday :)

  4. Sharon, my wife Hazel and I met you at the “Songs of Hope” cocktail party on Sunday evening. I think your blogs are unique — nicely phrased with fine pictures that express what thousands of words couldn’t. – rafi dobrin

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